Sex Hormones
Information about the Sex Hormones


  • E1 Estrone
    • Is thought to be the storage form of estrogen
    • May be related to an increase in breast and uterine cancer
    • The ratio of 2-Hydroxyestrone to 16-Hydroxyestrone is important for breast cancer prevention
      • The ratio can be improved with diet and supplements
  • E2 Estradiol
    • Helps to maintain memory
    • Helps to maintain bone density
    • Is protective against heart disease
    • Very effective in eliminating hot flashes
    • Studies indicate a 40% decrease in the occurrence of Alzheimer's with replacement
    • Increases HDL (good cholesterol) and decreases LDL (bad cholesterol)
    • May help with depression
    • Improves sleep
  • E3 Estriol
    • Evidence exists to show that it protects against breast cancer
    • Important for urinary and vaginal health in women
    • Aids in skin integrity
    • Increases HDL (good cholesterol) and decreases LDL (bad cholesterol)


  • Helps to balance estrogen in the body
  • Helps beneficial effects of estrogen on blood vessels
  • Is a mood stabilizer
    • Can improve:
      • Anxiety
      • Irritability
      • Depression
      • Mood swings
  • Aids in sleeplessness
  • Helps prevent hormonal migraines
  • Helps to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Helps to decrease blood flow during menstruation
  • May protect against breast and uterine cancer
  • Helps prevent bone loss
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Can increase libido!
  • Increases libido
  • Good for treatment of depression
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Good for skin integrity
  • Maintains and increases bone density
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